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i wanted to find a simple method to get a custom preview-image to my videos within my blog by hiding them and make them visible right after click on the preview-image. the user Dominic Green helped me to get it nearly started.

the problem is: the video already starts to play (even if it is hidden) in autoplay-mode right after the pageload (you can hear the sound in the background) but i want to have the autoplay to start right after click on the preview-image...

in this example i already added "autoplay=1" manually but i want to add this line via javascript to the video-URL right after the click!

here's the example how i did it so far (click on the flower-images will make the video visible):

i'm absolutely not into javascript so any help would be great! thanks!

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Just change the source of the iframe to include the autoplay :

    $(".loader").on('click', function(){
        elm = $(this).siblings(".video");
        var iframe = elm.find('iframe');
        iframe.prop('src', iframe.prop('src')+'&autoplay=1');


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<param name="myvideo" value="">


$('param[name="myvideo"]').val(function(i, oldVal) {
    return oldVal + (oldVal.indexOf('?') ? '&autoplay=1' : '?autoplay=1');
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