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i have hundreds of paper-forms and i want to automatically read this forms. The first step would be to calibrate the scanned paper. ( find the coordinates of the 4 squares )

But i don't know how to do it in matlab :(

here is the picture : http://i.imgur.com/wR463.png

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What have you tried to do or do you have an idea how you would do this in <random image processing framework>? –  Egon Jul 29 '12 at 11:08

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Here is a solution using OpenCV. For detecting the paper sheet itself, see this.

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Thanks Havard,

this solution helped me. This is what i did :

I = imread('inv-small.png');
BW = edge(I,'canny',0.3);
C = corner(BW,4);
hold on
plot(C(:,1), C(:,2), 'r*');
hold off

results in : enter image description here

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Did you try it when the inner part of the document is not blurred? –  Håvard Geithus Jul 29 '12 at 15:42
If the input image has colors in it, you could e.g. do this: BW = im2bw(I,level), where level is some threshold like Otsu's: level = graythresh(I); –  Håvard Geithus Jul 29 '12 at 15:45

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