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I am new in stackoverflow. Also, please forgive me for my english.

I have a question about using timestamp in MySQL stored proc. I am using MySQL 5 and MySQLdb Python module (Python version 2.6). Here is a code to create my stored procedure:

def create_procedure_sum_shift ():
    global cursor

    cursor.execute("CREATE PROCEDURE `sum_shift`\
    (IN s_Time DATETIME, IN e_Time DATETIME)\
    SET @q = concat('SELECT * FROM trig_test WHERE `t_stamp`>=',\
    s_Time,' AND `t_stamp` <= ', e_Time);\
    PREPARE query FROM @q;\
    EXECUTE query;\
    deallocate prepare query;\

When I am trying to create this proc, everything is ok. But, when i am calling this proc, I am getting an error. Here is a call of this procedure:

def call_sum_shift(startDate, endDate):
    global cursor
    cursor.execute("call sum_shift(DATE('%s'),DATE('%s'));" % (startDate, endDate))
    rows = cursor.fetchall()
    discr = cursor.description
    return rows,discr

startDate (and endDate) I get this:

time = datetime.datetime(2012, 07, 25, 8, 00, 00)
startDate = str (time)

Here is the an error:

..._mysql_exceptions.ProgrammingError:(1064,"You have an error...for the right syntax to    use near '00:00:00 AND `t_stamp` <= 2012-07-25 00:00:00` at line 1)

Where is my mistake? If it possible, please give an example, of using the "timestamp" in MySQL stored proc.

Thanks in advance.

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Using concat you are generating a query string containing textual representation of DateTime which needs to be enclosed in '. This is not being done.

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Also beware of SQL injection in your stored procedure. –  Vatev Jul 29 '12 at 12:55

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