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I'm using Visual Studio 2010. I want to create a simple class which inherits from a case-insensitive dictionary type. I can inherit from a case-sensitive dictionary type as follows:

Public Class clsMyDictionary
  Inherits Dictionary(Of String, String)
End Class

A case-insensitive dictionary object is normally created as follows:

Dim d = New Dictionary(Of String, String)(StringComparer.OrdinalIgnoreCase)

So I would like to do something like the following, so my dictionary class functions as case-insensitive, but it results in a syntax error:

Public Class clsMyDictionary
  Inherits Dictionary(Of String, String)(StringComparer.OrdinalIgnoreCase)
End Class

Specifying StringComparer isn't allowed in that context. Is there another way of doing it?

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Just call the base constructor with the OrdinalIgnoreCase parameter.

Public Class clsMyDictionary
  Inherits Dictionary(Of String, String)

  public sub new()
  end sub

End Class
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Thank you! You are a scholar and a gentleman. –  ingredient_15939 Jul 29 '12 at 18:05

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