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I am new to css. I have a jquery dialog with a simple textarea in it, which pops on click of a button. After the dialog with textarea popsup, if I resize jquery dialog , I wanted textarea also to get resized relative to the dialog. How can I handle it ? Do we any css property for it to specify ? Below is the button click event code,

   function clickButton(){
      var dlg = $('<div style=width:500;> <textarea style=width:400> Sample text area       </textarea> </div>');
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Use a percentage width on the textarea instead of a pixel width. The 90% (chosen arbitrarily, make it whatever you need) below is relative to the 500px size of the dialog, so if it gets resized, the textarea will scale with it.

var dlg = $('<div style="width:500px;"> <textarea style="width:90%;">Sample text area</textarea> </div>');

As good practice and to ensure valid HTML & CSS, please get in the habit of quoting your html attributes and explicitly specifying the px on a pixel size, as in:

<div style="width:500px;" />
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Use a % width on the textarea and set its box-sizing to border-box to make the borders and padding included in the width.

<textarea style="width:100%; box-sizing:border-box;"></textarea>
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