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I have a Notifications table that a query using an ID provided by the url parameters hash.

Say I have the following URL : videos/11?notification=5

The 5 maps to a notification. But say a user change 5for 7and submits the URL. If a notification with ID 7 does not exist, Rails sends an error saying it could not find a notification with ID 7. I would like it to simply ignore the error and continue. I am making some tests after the find so nothing unwanted happens.

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In your controller, you are likely using Notification.find. This will throw an error if no record can be found with the given id. The finder method Notification.find_by_id will not throw an exception if no record can be found, and will instead return nil.

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You can do this :

Notification.find_by_id 7

It will return nil if there is no records with id 7.

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