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For example, the div contains:

    <div id="choices">
                <li><button onclick="Correct('incorrect, try again!')">simple, easy</button></li>
                <li><button onclick="Correct('Correct! Congratulations!')">influence, advantage</button></li>
                <li><button onclick="Correct('incorrect, try again!')">premium, fine</button></li>
                <li><button onclick="Correct('incorrect, try again!')">contrary, opposite</button></li>


I want to hide the content of this div completely with a function, and make it reappear with another function. Is that possible?

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try $('#mydiv').hide() ; $('#mydiv').show() ; –  Satya Jul 29 '12 at 15:57

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document.getElementById('choices').style.display = "none"; //hide
document.getElementById('choices').style.display = "block"; //show
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You can use jQuery to accomplish the task too. With it you can use some effects too. Take a look: http://jsfiddle.net/davidbuzatto/wZTs7/

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