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I have many dbf tables (outputs from an analysis in a different program) that need to be read into R and summarized. Each dbf has a number of columns that represent different edge or core habitat classes. Depending on a previous analysis, different dbf files will have differing numbers of the core and edge classes (columns), so I can’t simply sum across a consistent range of index values, [2:4], for instance.

To determine which columns are present (for summing) and the index number of those columns, I have written the following loop. This checks the current table names against a master list (ae) and if the column is present, gets the index number of the column in the current data frame:

#read in all the possible edge column names

#Create and empty data frame and turn off stringsAsFactors:

#for each column name, get the index number 
for (i in ae) {

  #check to see if ae is in currfile
  #if it is, get the index number, if not skip ahead
  if (length(index)>0){ edgeIndices<-rbind(edgeIndices,c(index, i)) }
  else {}

#for some reason the index number is coming in as a character
#also, I need to figure out how to bring in the label without 
# it forcing to factor (I     have changed the global parameter for now)

#name the columns

#change the index to a number:

Here’s my output:

  Index   Label
1 3       VALUE_1
2 4       VALUE_3
3 5       VALUE_9
4 7       VALUE_33
5 8       VALUE_35
6 9       VALUE_65
7 10      VALUE_67
8 12      VALUE_101

So, now my question is, how do I pass the Index values to a rowSums() function so that only the columns with the appropriate Index # are summed?

For instance, in the case below, only Values 1,3, and 9 should be summed, which would be indices 3,4, and 5

4473    181800  15300   200700  0   216000
4474    239400  6300    153000  0   159300
4475    296100  13500   86400   0   99900
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huh. Just figured it out! rowSums(currfile[,edgeIndices$Index]) – David La Puma Jul 29 '12 at 16:15
go ahead and answer your own question below and mark it correct when you can. – Tyler Rinker Jul 29 '12 at 16:20
thanks- will do in 7 hours (newbie stackoverflow rules) – David La Puma Jul 29 '12 at 16:25
The reason your numbers were converted to "character" is that you were using rbind with some of the inputs as "character". Matrices all need to be the same storage mode and will loose attributes. – 42- Jul 29 '12 at 20:06
@DavidLaPuma, it's been 7 hours ;-) – GSee Sep 7 '12 at 22:57

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