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I want to put a PictureBox in an InputBox, I try in this way, but it doesn't work (the picture don't appears):

The original code from InputBox is this: http://www.csharp-examples.net/inputbox/ I just changed a bit.

The code that include PictureBox from InputBox:

public static DialogResult Show(string title, string luna_text, ref string luna_continut, string zi_text, ref string zi_continut, string ora_text, ref string ora_continut, string minut_text, ref string minut_continut, string mesaj, ref string imagine)

PictureBox picture = new PictureBox();

picture.ImageLocation = imagine;

picture.SetBounds(14, 60, 128, 128);

picture.Anchor = AnchorStyles.Bottom | AnchorStyles.Right;

form.Controls.AddRange(new Control[] { label1, textBox1, label2, textBox2, label3, textBox3, label4, textBox4, label5, picture, buttonOk });

imagine = picture.ImageLocation;

The code that include PictureBox from Form1: (The code is in a private void function)

The image is add to Resources !!

string inputbox = "";
string imagine = "alarma.png";

inputbox = CeasAlarma.InputBoxAnuntareAlarma.Show("CEAS ALARMA", "Luna:", ref luna, "Zi:", ref zi, "Ora:", ref ora, "Minut:", ref minut, "------ Ai o alarma care sunt in acest moment ! ------", ref imagine).ToString();

if (inputbox == "Cancel" || inputbox == "OK")
   //will do something
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This code will get your image into your InputBox make sure the size of the Form is large enough to show your image, you will also have to play with positioning. What I did was to add another parameter to the InputBox's New method to pass the image to your control. See how this works for you.

namespace WindowsFormsApplication1
    public partial class Form1 : Form
        public Form1()

            string value = "Document 1";

            if (Tmp.InputBox("New document", "New document name:", ref value, new Bitmap("Your Image Here") == DialogResult.OK)
                this.Text = value;

    public static class Tmp  //Note new field called bitmap for passing your picture to the InputBox
        public static DialogResult InputBox(string title, string promptText, ref string value, Bitmap image)
            Form form = new Form();
            Label label = new Label();
            TextBox textBox = new TextBox();
            Button buttonOk = new Button();
            Button buttonCancel = new Button();
            PictureBox picture = new PictureBox();

            form.Text = title;
            label.Text = promptText;
            textBox.Text = value;
            picture.Image = image;

            buttonOk.Text = "OK";
            buttonCancel.Text = "Cancel";
            buttonOk.DialogResult = DialogResult.OK;
            buttonCancel.DialogResult = DialogResult.Cancel;

            label.SetBounds(9, 20, 372, 13);
            textBox.SetBounds(12, 36, 372, 20);
            buttonOk.SetBounds(228, 72, 75, 23);
            buttonCancel.SetBounds(309, 72, 75, 23);
            picture.SetBounds(14, 60, 128, 128);

            label.AutoSize = true;
            textBox.Anchor = textBox.Anchor | AnchorStyles.Right;
            buttonOk.Anchor = AnchorStyles.Bottom | AnchorStyles.Right;
            buttonCancel.Anchor = AnchorStyles.Bottom | AnchorStyles.Right;
            picture.Anchor = AnchorStyles.Bottom | AnchorStyles.Right;

            form.ClientSize = new Size(396, 400); //Changed size to see the image
            form.ClientSize = new Size(Math.Max(300, label.Right + 10), form.ClientSize.Height); //Changed position so you are not shrinking the available size after the controls are added
            form.Controls.AddRange(new Control[] { label, textBox, buttonOk, buttonCancel, picture});
            form.FormBorderStyle = FormBorderStyle.FixedDialog;
            form.StartPosition = FormStartPosition.CenterScreen;
            form.MinimizeBox = false;
            form.MaximizeBox = false;
            form.AcceptButton = buttonOk; 
            form.CancelButton = buttonCancel;

            DialogResult dialogResult = form.ShowDialog();
            value = textBox.Text;
            return dialogResult;


Just notice in your code that you are setting your ClientSize after you add your controls, therefore the image is showing up with a negative X location value. You can either make sure that the ClientSize is not less than the Form Size or set the ClientSize before you add your controls. I made edits to the above example, please take a look at.

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An unhandled exception of type 'System.ArgumentException' occurred in System.Drawing.dll Additional information: Parameter is not valid. – AnDr3yy Jul 29 '12 at 17:02
@user1534830 it is working on my computer I ran it before I posted. You need to verify that the parameters you are inputing are of the proper type. Try running this in a sample project not your main one. I am playing with it now because the smaller images are showing up outside the bounds of the form – Mark Hall Jul 29 '12 at 17:06
My image is add to Resources and I add new Bitmap("alarma.png") And my image have the dimensions 128 x 128 ! – AnDr3yy Jul 29 '12 at 17:11
I creat a new project, and I add the code, the image to Resources and new Bitmap("alarma.png") for if where you have new Bitmap("Your Image Here"). I have the same error. I think that the program don't find the image. – AnDr3yy Jul 29 '12 at 17:17
@user1534830 I am using an Image from resources also and it is working, My example is self contained, play with it in a seperate project. – Mark Hall Jul 29 '12 at 17:24

try with this code in order to build your pictureBox

picture.Width = 100;

picture.Height = 100;//just an example

Bitmap image = new Bitmap("alarma.png");

picture.Image = (Image)image;

picture.SetBounds(14, 60, 128, 128);

picture.Anchor = AnchorStyles.Bottom | AnchorStyles.Right;

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