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I'm currently using for one of my project and I have some problem why one of my update.

When I received new datas, I'm making a log in the console (console.log(data)) but the problem is that I don't have one log but 7 to 9 log with the same thing inside it.

io.sockets.on( 'connection', function ( socket ) { 'example.xml', function ( curr, prev ) {
    fs.readFile( 'example.xml', function ( err, data ) {
      if ( err ) throw err;
      parser.parseString( data );
  parser.addListener('end', function( result ) {
    result.time = new Date();
    socket.volatile.emit( 'notification' , result );

The result.time is everytime different (just for my test)

Does anyone have the same "problem" and how can I resolve it ?

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I can imagine the problem is everytime a socket connect, you attach a new "end" event to the parser object.

So, first socket to connect will attach one "end" event. Next socket to connect will attach another one, and because it's an array of listeners, it will be added to the stack, so you will end up with N "end" events, and so on...

When the parsing finish it will emit the "end" event. And if you've attached 2, 3 or more "end" events it will fire N-times. So you have a problem in the logic. You can't attach events on connect to an already initialized object (and probably a singleton one), unless you deal with duplicates.

I suggest you attaching the "end" event outside the io.sockets.on('connection') event, and passing a reference to the socket here, so you know who to send the notification.

parser.parseString( data, **socket** );

I hope it helps you.

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How do you then reference the socket inside the parser.addListener method? – boug Mar 17 '13 at 11:26

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