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I have started using roboguice for one of the application. For the comparison I started with a splash screen with RoboActivity and three RoboAsyncTasks. When I had developed it with normal Activity and normal threads with context and handler passed to it, during entire splash activity execution not even once GC is getting called. But with a RoboActivity and @Context , 3 dependency injections of POJO and three RoboAsync task, GC_FOR_MALLOC is getting called 5 times.

Roboguice code

public final class Splash extends RoboActivity {

 * Constant TAG used in debugging
public static final String TAG = "###Splash###";

 * To initialize singleton instance
private PreferenceManager mPreferenceManager;

private DeviceInfo mDeviceInfo;

private Handler mHandler;

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

And below this i have simple web api calls in RoboAsyncTask.

Am I doing something wrong...or does use of RoboGuice results into unnecessary object creations.

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A bit of research showed me that annotations are not very good to use. And I personally felt that roboguice was adding a lot of backend code which we can manually do at a little expense. So removed roboguice from my build and the behavior is much more better than earlier.

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