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I install wordpress in my pc. the path of thr theme are C:\Program Files\Zend\Apache2\htdocs\www\www1\wordpress\Building_Child_Themes\wp-content\themes\BLANK-Theme\home.php

inside the folder BLANK-Theme there are folder cald images like wordpress\Building_Child_Themes\wp-content\themes\BLANK-Theme\images

inside the file home.php I have line <img src="/images/prod-sprunkler.png" alt="Image of Super Sprocket 1000" />

I can not sucsses to view the mage when the home.php are upload, in the adress bar I see

what I miss here ?

Thanks alot.

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You have to use full path. You can take help of default functions to get the full path.

If the style.css file of your wordpress site is in the same directory, you can use the following.

<img src="<?php get_stylesheet_directory() ?>/images/prod-sprunkler.png" alt="Image of Super Sprocket 1000" />
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