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I want to save window position and size when user is closing main window of my application, but i cant get correct window position

myTopLevelWindow.connect('unrealize', self.__onUnrealize)

def __onUnrealize(self, widget):
    myTopLevelWindow.get_size() #OK
    myTopLevelWindow.get_position()    <-- always (0, 0) :P

in what signal handler get_position() will work correctly? I've tried 'destroy' and it's also not good :/

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Have you tried "delete-event"? I just tested it in C and gtk gives me the correct position/size in the handler.

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You are correct, delete_event is the right time to do it. See this answer to a similar question for a working example illustrating this in PyGTK. –  dumbmatter Jul 30 '12 at 3:56

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