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I am dealing with publicity for a particular event and i was wondering how companies managed to send large number of sms to their customers? I had come across a php script which uses free sms gateways like way2sms etc , is there anyway i can achieve this or an any alternate solution to notify a large number of people. I have also seen a few bluetooth services which notify people in a particular bluetooth region. Please give me some references i can go through to implement either a bluetooth or message facility.

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There is no real alternative to using a gateway provider for sending SMS. You will need to find the best gateway provider for your country or region. – Pekka 웃 Jul 29 '12 at 17:59
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There is a lot of ways to do that I'll talk from my own experience

I use Kannel to connect to providers using http and SMPP

Kannel will free you from managing queue (at least you have to create a db for it), it will manage connections and keep them up. The only problem, you should have an access to *nix system, it can compile on windows but I never seen a real installation over windows

After setting up the connection with Kannel, you communicate to it using a well defined http API

The advantage of Kannel is stability with hundred of millions of messages!, yes the number is correct, I used it with more than 20 mobile company from one sun solaris box and managed into one of the links 300'000 message daily ( unfortunately the throttling stopped me from sending more :( )

Try to find providers with SMPP links, it much more stable then http, and a system like Kannel should kill the complexities of dealing with a protocol on the low level

For the other part of the question, Bluetooth, our company was approached more that a year back from this company, they did a nice demo but I never worked with them directly, thought the hint may help you at least to find similar solutions

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I've only used gateway to do it.

I've used twilio service to send a large number of sms. It works pretty good and is easy to implement.

In the US, AT&T also has an API. Never used but doesn't seems to be complicated.

And for european users, OVH also has this system. Since just came in the US, they might provide this service in the US also.

Twilio seems to be the cheapest one.

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One alternate and artisanal way to do it could be with a cellphone and unlimited sms.

For example, on a jailbroken iPhone on which you have installed sendsms package, you can make a bash script to send a large number of SMS. The only limitation you will encounter will be how your mobile operator defines "unlimited SMS", if there is a limit with it or not.

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