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I am trying to remove the filename of a path e.g.:


Would result in:


Bearing in mind that the file name might change, would a regex be the best way of achieving this?

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Actually, Path.GetDirectoryName will /'s to \'s.

var filepath = "/vmfs/volumes/50153b66-6aac5486-e942-080027a10080/TestMachine/TestMachine.vmx";
var directorypath = filepath.Substring(0, filepath.LastIndexOf("/", StringComparison.Ordinal) + 1);
// /vmfs/volumes/50153b66-6aac5486-e942-080027a10080/TestMachine/
var dir = Path.GetDirectoryName(filepath);
// \vmfs\volumes\50153b66-6aac5486-e942-080027a10080\TestMachine
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Accepted, because you are bang on, with the trails, since its a linux path, the "/" are turned to "\" – user1559618 Jul 29 '12 at 19:11

You may use:

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You can use


more info at: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.io.path.getdirectoryname.aspx

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There is a method in System.IO.Path for that

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Use System.IO.Path.GetDirectoryName

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This is a fairly heavy approach, but sometimes it's nice to know you're using a bulletproof technique...

var path = new UriBuilder("file", "/vmfs/volumes/50153b66-6aac5486-e942-080027a10080/TestMachine/TestMachine.vmx");
var parent = new Uri(path.Uri, "..");



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strPath = "/vmfs/volumes/50153b66-6aac5486-e942-080027a10080/TestMachine/TestMachine.vmx";

string[] strFileParts = strPath.Split( '\\' );
if ( strFileParts.Length > 0 )
    str =  strFileParts[strFileParts.Length - 1] );

result = full_path - str;
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