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I have designed the following schema for a movie theater. Please provide pointers to make this schema a better one.

movie: id, release_date, name

actor: id, oscars_won, name

movie_actor (link table): movie_id, actor_id

screen: screen_id, total_no_of_seats

showtime: id, start_time, end_time

movie_screen_showtime (link table): movie_id, screen_id, showtime_id, tickets_available, price

customer: id, name, payment_info_id

ticket: id, customer_id, movie_id, screen_id, showtime_id, purchase_date

I want to be able to answer questions like:

  1. What are all the movies being shown

  2. Ticket availability for a particular movie/screen/showtime

  3. Actors in a movie

  4. Total sales for the day or by movie or by showtime or by screen

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Three suggestions:

  1. Track when (by date) a given movie starts a run at a theater and when it ends. This way you could ask questions like:
    • what day of the week gets the most viewers?
    • how does attendance vary with duration of run?
  2. Change the ticket column to a datetime. This way you can ask questions like:
    • what's the correlation between DOTW, price and attendance ( ie is a matinee more effective on certain DOTW)
  3. Track concessions by datetime. Look for correlations with what's showing and when.
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