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I am looking for a way to auto insert a default admin account, using JPA, when my spring mvc application is deployed.

My database is generated based on the Entities.

I want to kick off something that will insert a default admin user, assign roles, every time the application is deployed.

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It depends on which implementation of JPA you use. If you use Hibernate you can add import.sql file (that contains records to load) to the class path. More info here.

As a workaround you can also use dbunit tool.

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I would recommend having a migration utility that will keep your database in synch with your codebase - these are typically DDL's, but again the queries to insert default admin user, assign roles etc can also be part of this migration utility. There are very good one's available - Flyway is one that I have used, Liquibase is another one.

There is a very good comparison of the different migration utilities on the Flyway homepage also that you can look at.

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