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How can I check is there checkbox on my windows phone page? So, I add WrapPanel to my page:

            _wp = new WrapPanel
                Orientation = System.Windows.Controls.Orientation.Horizontal,
                Height = 80,
            _tb = new TextBlock
                Text = gameText,
                Width = 250

            _cb = new CheckBox();



but I need write handlers to checkbox. I can't do something about this:

          _cb = new CheckBox { CheckedChanged += my_handler }

So, how can I do it?


I need make only one CheckBox checked. In handler I want to do all checkboxes but sender to checked=false.

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Do it like this:

      _cb = new CheckBox ();
_cb.Checked = true;
    _cb. CheckedChanged += my_handler ;

You are using event like a property.

If you want to check if there is any CheckBox control on your panel you may try:


You may use same handler for all of your check boxes.

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