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i have code that works fine in ubuntu with g++ but failed to compile in freebsd , i have no idea why

//in the source body MyClass.cpp
        void MyClass::app_init()

            funcs[0] = { &MyClass::app_map, 4 };
            funcs[1] = { &MyClass::app_pro, 10 };


        //in the header   MyClass.h

        struct foo
            int fd;
            time_t ts;

        struct func
            void (MyClass::*f) (foo *);
            int arg_length;

        void app_init();
        void app_map(foo *a);
        void app_pro(foo *a);

        func funcs[FUNCS_ARRAY];    //2
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And which string causes error? –  ForEveR Jul 29 '12 at 20:28

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funcs[0] = (func){ &MyClass::app_map, 4 };

or compile with g++ --std=c++11 ...

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