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I have the following problem: -- I have one database table with the following structure : < Age, Gender , Wage., ..> -- I have one Crystal Reports report with two subsreports , each displaying a graph of wage per age , one for records that have male gender the other for female gender. I would like to suppress one subreport if the table has no records with gender value "male" or "female". Thanks, Vali

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Create SQL Expressions which count occurences of male and female values in the gender column. For example:

(select count(male) from dbtable where gender = 'male')

Then suppress the subreport you want simply by a suppress formula {%SQL_expression} = 0

A good presenatation about SQL Expressions is here:

Alternatively you can use a formula which reads the fields while reading them from database using WhileReadingRecords and a shared BooleanVar.

Shared BooleanVar isMale;
isMale := False;
if (dbTable.Gender = 'male') then
  isMale := True;

Then use the shared BooleanVar to suppres the sbreport.

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