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i am trying to filter results based on user price range selection . so i choose the jquery slider for showing range of price. and i have decided to call web method using jquery ajax on slider stop event .

everything is fine at this stage .here is code for my web method which filter the records basis on min and max range passed by jquery ajax call

    public static void FilterByPrice(double min,double max)

        List<BALHotelList> searchresult =(List<BALHotelList>) HttpContext.Current.Session["searchresult"];
        searchresult = searchresult.Where(t => (double)t.totalPrice >= min && (double)t.totalPrice <= max).ToList();
        HttpContext.Current.Session["searchresult"] = searchresult;        
        SearchResult s = new SearchResult();

Now problem is with Paging method which is used to set the datasource of repeater control . Paging method as follow :

 protected  void Paging()

        List<BALHotelList> searchresult = (List<BALHotelList>)Session["searchresult"];
        PagedDataSource objPds = new PagedDataSource();
        objPds.DataSource = searchresult;
        objPds.AllowPaging = true;
        objPds.PageSize = Convert.ToInt32(ddlPageNo.SelectedValue);

        objPds.CurrentPageIndex = CurrentPage;

        lblCurrentPage.Text = "Page: " + (CurrentPage + 1).ToString() + " of "
           + objPds.PageCount.ToString();

        // Disable Prev or Next buttons if necessary
        cmdPrev.Enabled = !objPds.IsFirstPage;
        cmdNext.Enabled = !objPds.IsLastPage;

        rptHotels.DataSource = objPds;


when this method is called its through error that object reference not set . I understand that this time page controls can not be accessed. as i read some answers which are deny completely this issue regarding access page control

Now i want to know what approach should i use to complete my task which is

use jquery price slider to filter the records ?

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One option is to change your WebMehtod signature to return the filtered records and them use jQuery to show them. This can be acomplished through the DataTables jQuery plug-in, which is an open source tool for building feature rich html tables.

This javascript example code shows how to set up and fill a DataTable using jQuery.

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