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In the following example

I want to remove just class 'child' from class 'parent'. I have tried


But it doesn't work

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.remove($('parent').children('child')) is not valid JavaScript. If you'd look at the console, you would see Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token . . I suggest you have a look at the examples in the documentation: – Felix Kling Jul 29 '12 at 21:59
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You need periods to get elements by class, for one. For two, that syntax isn't correct.

$('.parent .child').remove();

Here's a demo.

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Try $('.parent').find('.child').remove();​

Edit: In case I misunderstood and you wanted to actually remove the class try $('.parent').find('.child').removeClass('child')

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This will do the trick.

$('.parent .child').remove();

(minitech beat me to it :) )

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Question is worded oddly, but it's the node having class='child' to be removed, not the class itself. – Michael Berkowski Jul 29 '12 at 22:00
I get you now. Will edit my answer. – Fraser Jul 29 '12 at 22:01

Do you want to remove the childs (with a class "child") of parents (with a class "parent")?


Or simply:

$('.parent .child')​.remove()​;
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many ways: if you have no identifier for the child then you can remove child my its position on the parent :

var p ='.parrent';//identify the parrent
   $('p').children('1').remove();//remove the child placed in ('1');

remove Directly [ if you have a identifier ]

$('.parent .child').remove();//it removes child from the parent.

if you dont know what the parent is.

var selector = '.child';//you must identify ONE child to find its parent

var sP = $(selector).parent();//selecting the parent for this Child

//now removing the Child [identifier = position of child]


In case if you have too many child with same class then but the parent is different for all. you can remove the Child also by putting the child class

//[._iNote] is the selector for the removing Element Here.

This script only remove selected child in the the selected parrent . if there is many child with same identifier then They all will be removed so [???] in this kind of case you can create custome attr for selecting the element [only for HTML5 ]. example

<p data-me="someThing-i-like"> [its a custom attr (data-me="someThing-i-like")] </p>

in this case For removing this element,

$("[data-me=someThing-i-like]").remove();// will work fine

if you have any quistion about this post plz plz plz let me know [ comment ]

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