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I'm trying to create a script that, based on an input a?? creates an array of all the combinations and permutations of all words containing an a and two other characters from the alphabet. Values are such as a, ab, ba, dab, bga etc - as you may see the array contains (or should contain) a weird amount of values.

The problem is that the functions I use in the script outputs even more values with many duplicates. And for some reason I can not create a flattened array without duplicates. I tried to use array_unique() but it doesn't work here. I tried to use explode() and implode() to flatten the result array, but no success. Even if I succeed to create a string from the values, when I try to transform this string into an array, the result is again the actual multi-dimensional array.

This drives me crazy, and as you see the code, I'm a beginner in PHP.

Any help to transform the actual multidimensional array to a flattened one without duplicates is highly appreciated. An example: actually the array contains 12168 sub-arrays, and only the string a occurs 1456 times. What I need is an array that doesn't have sub-arrays and contains each results only one time.

The PHP code is available at here and the output is here:

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Have you tried something like:

$inputString = 'a??';
$array = array();

if (strpos($inputString, 'a') !== false && !in_array($inputString, $array)) {
   $array[] = $inputString;

echo '<pre>'; print_r($array); echo '</pre>';
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