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In my Emacs, space key can indent correctly 1 line. If I select several lines, and press space key, the indenting does not work.

By following this link, I try C-M-\ or C-M-q, but C-M deletes directly the whole block selected.

Here is my .emacs, could anyone help?

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Doesn't tab indent lines? –  phimuemue Jul 29 '12 at 23:10
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If you want Emacs to correctly indent multiple lines, then the command is C-META \ also known as C-M-\. In other words, it's not Control - M but Control - Meta - Forward Slash (Control - Alt - Slash on most keyboards)

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Select multiply lines, then type C-u 8 C-x Tab, it will indent the region by 8 spaces.

C-u -4 C-x Tab will un-indent by 4 spaces

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just started using emacs. This is its first big win. –  Eric H. Jan 31 at 1:18
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