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Since haml doesn't use end to end an if/else control flow, how would I convert the following erb to haml?

<% if klasstype == :klasses %>
  <div id="instructor_table">
<% else %>
  <div id="ta_table">
<% end %>
  <div id="table">

Also how accurate are converters like html2haml? I tried to use the converter on this code and it didn't seemed to work.


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What issue did you run into using html2haml? The coveter is pretty sound since, as long as your encapsulations are strictly hierarchical (i.e. you don't start a tag inside say a div and then end it outside that div) you shouldn't be having issues. –  rudolph9 Jul 30 '12 at 0:16

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Use a ternary to fit the conditional into one line:

%div{ :id => (klasstype == :klasses) ? "instructor_table" : "ta_table" }

See also: conditional haml - if else nesting

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