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I am using jQuery to edit my form which is built in Symfony.

I am showing the form in jQuery dialog and then submitting it.

Data is entering correctly in database.

But I don't know whether I need to send some JSON back to jQuery. Actually I am bit confused with JSON thing.

Suppose I have added a row in my table with jQuery and when I submit the form then after data is submitted I want to send back those row data so that I can dynamically add the table row to show the data added.

I am confused how can get that data back

This is my current code

$editForm = $this->createForm(new StepsType(), $entity);

$request = $this->getRequest();


if ($editForm->isValid()) {

    return $this->render('::success.html.twig');               

This is just the template with success message

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How can i send JSON response in symfony2 controller?

Answering to question in the title - according to docs in your Controller you can do:

$response = new Response(json_encode(array('name' => $name)));
$response->headers->set('Content-Type', 'application/json');

return $response;

And in Symfony2.1 you even have special JsonResponse class, which serializes array to JSON:

return new JsonResponse(array('name' => $name));

But if your problem is How to serialize entity then you should have a look at JMSSerializerBundle

Assuming that you have it installed, you will have simply to do

$serializedEntity = $this->container->get('serializer')->serialize($entity, 'json');

return new Response($serializedEntity);

You should also check for similar problems on StackOverflow:
How to encode Doctrine entities to JSON in Symfony 2.0 AJAX application?
Symfony 2 Doctrine export to JSON

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So how do we Serialize entity AND send it as a JSON Response? I've been searching for that for a week.. stackoverflow.com/questions/14798532/… –  George Katsanos Feb 11 '13 at 15:25

Symfony 2.1 has a JsonResponse class.

return new JsonResponse(array('name' => $name));

The passed in array will be JSON encoded the status code will default to 200 and the content type will be set to application/json.

There is also a handy setCallback function for JSONP.

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To complete @thecatontheflat answer i would recommend to also wrap your action inside of a try ... catch block. This will prevent your JSON endpoint to break on exceptions. Here's the skeleton I use:

public function someAction()
    try {

        // Your logic here...

        return new JsonResponse([
            'success' => true,
            'data'    => [] // Your data here

    } catch (\Exception $exception) {

        return new JsonResponse([
            'success' => false,
            'code'    => $exception->getCode(),
            'message' => $exception->getMessage(),


This way your endpoint will behave consistently even in case of an errors and you will be able to treat them right on a client side.

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