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Is there any difference between these 2 ways of declaring and initialization ?

Dim con as New OracleConnection(connstr)

Dim con as OracleConnection
con=New OracleConnection(connstr)

Update: Dim con as OracleConnection = New OracleConnection(connstr)

Is equivalent to ?

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VB's Dim foo As New bar is syntactic sugar and shorthand for:

Dim foo As Bar
foo = New Bar()

It's VB's equivalent to C#'s var keyword in this sense (except without compiler type inference):

var foo = new Bar();

Note that you don't need to set local variables to Nothing in VB after you're using them as they will automatically be disposed/finalised after they fall out of scope. Preemptively setting variables to Nothing is a idomatic habit from VBScript where you needed to nullify COM objects to decrement their Reference-count so they would be disposed, you don't need to do it in VB.NET.

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They have no differences. But you can still simplify your declaration

Using con As New OracleConnection(connstr)
   ' other codes here
End Using

The Using statement automatically disposes the object after it has been used.

SEE also here


this one allocates memory directly because of the NEW keyword:

Dim con as New OracleConnection(connstr)   ' declaration and allocating in the memory
con = Nothing                              ' disposes the object

this does not allocate the memory until the NEW keyword is supplied.

Dim con as OracleConnection          ' declaration only
con = New OracleConnection(connstr)  ' allocates memory
con = Nothing                        ' disposes the object 
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So i can say for the 1st is compile time memory allocation whereas 2nd is runtime alloc ? –  zeroin23 Aug 6 '12 at 8:16
Based on the answer below option 1 and option are equal actually ? –  zeroin23 Aug 6 '12 at 8:21
as a whole, yes they are the same. But not the same if you call it line by line. The reason is Dim con as New OracleConnection(connstr) is not the same with Dim con as OracleConnection –  John Woo Aug 6 '12 at 8:24

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