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I want to list the methods of the class files in the jar using the javap tool. How do I do it so that it lists the methods and members of all the class files in the jar. Right now I am able to do it for just one class at a time.

I am expecting something like if I say

javap java.lang.*

it should enlist the methods and members of all the classes in java.lang package. If javap is not capable of that, are there any such tools available?

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# Set the JAR name
jar=<JAR NAME>
# Loop through the classes (everything ending in .class)
for class in $(jar -tf $jar | grep '.class'); do 
    # Replace /'s with .'s
    # javap
    javap -classpath $jar ${class//.class/}; 
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javap will happily disasseble class names with / instead of ., you only need to remove .class suffix. I am using zipinfo -1 ${jar} \*.class| sed 's/\.class//' | xargs javap -classpath "$jar" -c -l -private > ${jar}.javap – Miserable Variable Jul 18 '14 at 0:18

Even easier would be

javap -classpath <JARNAME> $(jar -tf <JARNAME> | grep "class$" | sed s/\.class$//)
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prepend JARNAME=/path/to/jar <rest of command> and that keeps the entire operation in a single line – javadba Jul 22 '15 at 23:46

First unzip the jar file, this will yield a series of directories for each package, then apply the javap command per directory.

So for example with tomcat you can unzip the catalina-balancer.jar file in webapps\balancer and then use

javap -classpath org\apache\webapp\balancer Rule

which gives

Compiled from ""
interface org.apache.webapp.balancer.Rule{
    public abstract boolean matches(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest);
    public abstract java.lang.String getRedirectUrl();

If you need to do this for all the class files in a package you will need to write a script or program to walk the classpath and strip the .class from the filenames and pass it to javap.

(It would be fairly easy to write in perl/bash/java).

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Sure - i enjoy having extra stuff laying around my system. This works but not pretty. – javadba Jul 22 '15 at 23:45

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