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Let's say I have two web apps on Heroku. For example foobar-signup.heroku.com, and foobar-conferences.heroku.com.

If I wanted to map routes from under www.foobar.com/signup and www.foobar.com/conferences to the same routes on those two backend apps (i.e. www.foobar-signup.heroku.com/signup, ...), what services, applications, and configurations should I use to do that.

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You have to use proxy pass to do that.

For that, you can use apache (as it is very easy to use). Now in your proxy file, you have to map all requests from www.foobar.com/signup to www.foobar-signup.heroku.com/signup and www.foobar.com/conferences to www.foobar-conferences.heroku.com/conferences

Now when you open www.foobar.com/signup page, proxy pass will redirect it to www.foobar-signup.heroku.com/signup page. Thereby solving your problem.

Edit your httd.conf file,

    ProxyPass /signup/  http://www.foobar-signup.heroku.com/signup/
    ProxyPass /conferences/  http://www.foobar-conferences.heroku.com/conferences/
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