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Restore Emacs Session/Desktop

I am using emacs for development. And there may be many buffers open. Is there a way that I can save the state when I close emacs. So that when emacs is again opened it restores the different windows?

I am looking at what browsers are able to do for restoring a previous browsing session.

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Generally speaking, you don't ever "close" your Emacs. That's not meant to be a joke. The general style of working is to keep an Emacs running all the time and to just open new buffers in there using emacsclient. This is different from the vim style where vim is continuously opened and closed.

However, your question is an old one which has been asked by a lot of people and a lot of solutions have been proposed and coded up. There's a list of them on emacswiki. You can pick one that works for you.

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