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I have a Windows 7 Ultimate ISO (64-bit) that I ripped and saved to my hard drive in case I ever lost the original, and I know it works because I've used it on my laptop with a DVD. I'd like to install it on my desktop (running XP) but I'm fresh out of blank DVDs. Can anyone tell me if there are any advantages using a DVD over a USB flash drive? I'm familiar with formatting a flash drive to NTSF and giving it a Windows volume, but in prospect, will there be any performance issues down the road if I go with a flash drive?

Thanks in advance

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There will be no difference in windows installations no matter what method you use. As long as you use the standard installer.

As long as your computer supports USB Boot, i find using a USB to format my computer much simpler.

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The first advantage I can think of is that the installation will go alot faster than dvd. So no performance issues.

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