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I'm writing microsoft UI Automation, there are two attributes AcceleratorKey and AccessKey in AutomationElement class, what's the difference?

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From MSDN:

Accelerator key combinations invoke an action.


From MSDN:

An access key is a character in the text of a menu, menu item, or label of a control such as a button that activates the attached menu function.

Imagine a typical menubar containing File menu. In the file menu there's an Open file option. Assigning access key F to File menu would allow pressing Alt+F to open this menu. If O is assigned to Open file, pressing O, when File menu is open, would invoke the action assigned to this menu - typically show Open file dialog.

If you assign an O as an accelarator key to the Open file menu, pressing Ctrl-O anytime (even without the File menu open) would invoke it's action - show Open file dialog.

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Or, put another way; accelerators are application keyboard commands you can use in the app without having to go through menus or toolbars: ctrl-O for open, Alt-F4 for close, ctrl-B to toggle bold font, and so on. Accelerator keys are often listed on the right side of a drop-down menu, or appear in a toolbar button tooltip. On the other hand, access keys will set focus to (and sometimes activate, in the case of buttons) UI that is already present on the screen. Access keys are usually underlined. –  BrendanMcK Aug 17 '12 at 9:18

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