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I was looking at the examples in the facebook SDK for Android and I was unable to figure out how to upload an image to a specific album for a user. I have already done authentication so the user can upload to private albums if necessary. Here is my upload code:

public void uploadFacebookPhoto(String description)
    Bundle params = new Bundle();

    params.putString("method", "photos.upload");
    params.putByteArray("picture", picData);
    params.putString("description", description);

    params.putString(SOME_IDENTIFIER, MY_ALBUM); 

    AsyncFacebookRunner mAsyncRunner = new AsyncFacebookRunner(mFacebook);
    mAsyncRunner.request(null, params, "POST", new SampleUploadListener(), null);
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Try this Snippet :

Bundle params = new Bundle();
params.putByteArray("source", imageBytes);
params.putString("message", "A wall picture");
facebook.request("ALBUM_ID/photos", params, "POST");

Where ALBUM_ID - is your Album id in which you need to post image.

For further reference check Facebook Post

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Ah thank you. That worked. – Jrom Jul 31 '12 at 9:05

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