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Any idea why I cannot automatically update creation_time field in my table:

id | name | creation_time

creation_time--> Type: Timestamp, Default Value: CURRENT_TIMESTAMP

When I try to save data in cakephp by using a statement like this:


I got new data inserting to the table but without the creation time. It is abnormal that when i run an insert into Mysql statement then the field is automatically update as current timestamp.

I know that I could use created field as in Cakephp's documentation but for my case, i don't want to change the existing field name because it is a table used by other members working in the same project.

Please advise me.

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When you call $this->Model->create(), Cake populates the data contained in $this->Model with default values. If you debug $this->Model->data


You will that the creation_time is already set, but with a string:

    'Model' => array(
         'creation_time' => 'CURRENT_TIMESTAMP'


So when Cake generates the INSERT query, this one contain the creation_time field, with CURRENT_TIMESTAMP as a string:

INSERT INTO `models` (..., `creation_time`, ...) VALUES (..., 'CURRENT_TIMESTAMP', ...)

If you want to keep your creation_time field in the datatable, to generate a working query you could delete the default value before saving the data:

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Thanks. I wrote an override function save() in model file and it works really well. –  aladine Jul 31 '12 at 16:22

In cakephp it is better to use the conventional names like "created" in your case. The field will be datetime type. But if you wanna make your own field you have to insert manually into your field the actually date and time with a normal set example:

$this->Model->set('creation_time', CURRENT_TIMESTAMP); 

where current_timestamp is your variable that you have to create and after you save your model

But the best way in cakephp is to use the convention names, isn't recommended to use unconvention names

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