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I have some code activities.

public class baseAct: CodeActivity
public sealed class C1: baseAct
public sealed class C2: baseAct

public sealed class C3: baseAct

And i use a custom wf desinger. I would like set same icon to activites C1,C2,C3 without define activity designer.

There are something (AttributeTableBuilder or similar) to set icon?.

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I have a sample that illustrates exactly what you need to do. How to create a Custom Activity Designer with Windows Workflow Foundation (WF4)

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It's works fine! But i have problems when i try to get image from project folder . With your example builder.AddCustomAttributes( typeof(MyActivity), new DesignerAttribute(typeof(MyActivityDesigner)), new DescriptionAttribute("My sample activity"), new ToolboxBitmapAttribute(typeof(MyActivity), "Images/QuestionMark.png")); –  ígor Jul 31 '12 at 10:29
Can you please edit and add enough detail here that you don't have to go to MSDN in order to get the answer? We discourage link-only answers and either delete them or convert them to comments. And, while I have your ear--Would you happen to know why the WorkflowItemPresenter requires the WorkflowDesigner's View to be init'd/shown? I've got some requirements that I fulfill by just showing the root activity designer, which gives me a chromeless design experience, but the WIP doesn't function properly in this scenario. Also, chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/14693/workflowitempresenter-woes –  Will Jul 31 '12 at 14:01
OnLoad I register icon: public static void RegisterCodeActivyIcon( Bitmap bm,Type activityDesignerType) { AttributeTableBuilder builder = new AttributeTableBuilder(); builder.AddCustomAttributes(typeof(CodeActivity(, new DesignerAttribute(activityDesignerType)); AddAtrtibuteTable(builder); } private static void AddAtrtibuteTable(AttributeTableBuilder builder) { MetadataStore.AddAttributeTable(builder.CreateTable()); } –  ígor Aug 24 '12 at 8:57
  1. Add the icon to your solution, set its Build Action to Resoruce
  2. In your Activity, set the ActivityDesigner.Icon to this image

Hardest part about this is getting the Uri right. If you have problems, just dump the image into the same folder as the designer.

                        UriSource="RelativeUriToTheImage.bmp" />
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Great worked for me just fine. Guys don't you forget point number 1 to add the resource (I did) –  A Khudairy Nov 20 at 9:46

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