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I want to select all records from a table T1 where the values in columns A and B has no matching tuple for the columns C and D in table T2.

In mysql “Where not in” using two columns I can read how to accomplish that using the form select A,B from T1 where (A,B) not in (SELECT C,D from T2), but that fails in T-SQL for me resulting in "Incorrect syntax near ','.".

So how do I do this?

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Use a correlated sub-query:

    SELECT * FROM SecondaryTable WHERE c = FirstTable.a AND d = FirstTable.b

Make sure there's a composite index on SecondaryTable over (c, d), unless that table does not contain many rows.

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You can't do this using a WHERE IN type statement.

Instead you could LEFT JOIN to the target table (T2) and select where T2.ID is NULL.

For example

    ON T1.A = T2.C AND T1.B = T2.D
    T2.PrimaryKey IS NULL

will only return rows from T1 that don't have a corresponding row in T2.

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I am not sure I understand but it seems that Tomalak gave me an answer! Thanks however! –  Anders Lindén Jul 30 '12 at 7:22

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