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I want to open a link in a new window using reStucturedText. Is this possible?

This opens link in the same window:

You can `check your location here. <http://geoiptool.com>`_
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To open a page in a new window or tag you can add the attribute target="_blank" to your hyperlink although I'm not sure how you can add attributes to inline hyperlinks in reStructuredText. However, from the Docutils FAQ, is nested inline markup possible, you can use the raw directive to include raw HTML into your document, for example

You can |location_link|.

.. |location_link| raw:: html

   <a href="http://geoiptool.com" target="_blank">check your location here</a>
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Nice answer. Seems odd that reStructuredText would not have a simpler way to do this, but what do I know... Thanks for this; it worked like a charm for a system like readthedocs.org documentation. –  nicorellius Oct 9 '13 at 19:32

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