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I'm starting to learn about Unit Testing. I know how to make unit tests, but I don't know what are the scopes of each tests. Same goes with Test Suites, and testMethods.

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You can look into the following two book(s) if you are in java. Both the books will give you all intricacies that are required for better organizing your test(s) . Both the books are having a website which will give you fair idea about the book contents. Best of luck and be Test Infected ;)

  1. Growing object oriented software guided by tests
  2. xUnit Test Patterns
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Tests for requirements are called acceptance tests. Usually you have some user story, which specifies requirement, and some scenarios which will check if requirement implemented correctly. So, you write acceptance test for each scenario.

Back to unit testing. Never stick to methods of class being tested, like TestAddMoney. Because tests are kind of live documentation, and they should describe what your class doing, not how. Ideally test should have descriptive names, which could be viewed by non-technical person. Thus write tests in terms of your class behavior, like ShouldTransferMoneyToAnotherAccount. This behavior-oriented tests are much more readable, and will not get obsolete if you rename AddMoney method to InvestFunds.

There is very nice introduction to behavior-driven development by Dan North.

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