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I have a list in Sharepoint that has 2 columns. "Name" and "Surname" Then i have an other list wich list information about employees wich also have those 2 columns with lookup to the previous ones. I want that, when, in this list, you select a name in the "Name" column, the "Surname" column next to it immediatly complete with the associate Surname listed in the first list. Can someone help me with this one ? Thanks !

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If you are using Visual Studio to do this, Click Here

To do using SharePoint itself. (If you have already mentioned "Name" Column as a look up field/column)

  • Go to "List setting" from "List Tools">"List".

  • In the "Columns" section you will see your "Name" lookup column,
    Click on it.

  • In "Additional Column Settings" , Tick "Surname" Checkbox. Click OK.

Now you will have your "Surname" column auto generated.

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