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I'm new to Android app development. In my first application there is an activity using a GridView layout and an option menu. One of the menu items is "Multiselect" (the same that you can see in the standard Gallery application when you navigate a gallery). My current problem is that I can't find the standard multiselect icon anywhere. I've tried the following:

Where can I find the multiselect icon? TIA.

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I can't see the icon you are referring to on my build (Android 4.1.1) but when looking for system drawables I have found them in the SDK under a path like;

C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platforms\android-16\data\res\drawable-<your_screen_res>

The "more" icon for menus is called ic_menu_moreoverflow_<some style>_<some theme>.png. I'm sure the icon you are looking for is there...


Went away and found the icon by setting up an emulator at 2.1, here it is.

Look similar to ic_menu_mark and btn_check_off but admittedly not quite the same!

The multiselect icon

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Well, my Android device runs the old 2.1 version. Anyway, I'm not looking for the "more" icon. I don't know the exact filename of the icon I'm looking for, I just know that in the Gallery app it appears in the menu item whose text is "Multiselect". As I said I've already searched the SDK res/drawableX directories without luck. – Vicent Jul 30 '12 at 14:52
Oh so you did. Apologies. Have a look on the higher API level directories regardless. They are just resources so can be copied over to any API level. Failing that post a screenshot of the icon! :) – OceanLife Jul 30 '12 at 14:58
Thanks for posting the screenshot of the icon. Unfortunately I'm still unable to find it under the SDK directories (API 7 or higher). Moreover, I expected to find the "Multiselect" string in a strings.xml file but I failed again. I'm really puzzled. I suppose I'll have to use the ic_menu_mark icon or something looking similar :-( – Vicent Jul 30 '12 at 20:35
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Finally I got the icon. After googling a little bit I found that GridView doesn't implement native support of multiple selection items. So the multiselect icon is not a standard Android icon and is not distributed with the SDK. The icon is part of the camera application. You can see it in CyanogenMod repo android_packages_apps_Gallery under /res/drawable-hdpi. The icon filename is ic_menu_multiselect_gallery.png.

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