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I want to remove geometry from canvas in Silverlight... I am able to remove it but removal is not immediately reflected. I mean when I perform GeometryGroup.Children.Remove(geometry) it is removing from tree but not from Canvas... Surprisingly removed geometry is still visible in the Canvas until I perform some mouse action.

Can anyone please tell me, what is the correct way of removing geometry?

Thank you very much.

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Try a call to InvalidateArrange() or InvalidateMeasure() on the Canvas to cause a repaint.

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I tried calling both the methods and it is still not working... – Software Enthusiastic Jul 23 '09 at 13:57

I thing I got the answer, it is working but the approach seems to be unusual or indirect... Here is what I am doing...

//Following line causing geometry to disappear from the Canvas
geometry.Transform = new ScaleTransform{ ScaleX = 0, ScaleY = 0};
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