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I recently started using Rob Conery's Massive for reading from and oracle database in C#. Its working really well however recently I came across a problem when trying to perform an Inner Join. Usually you just do this to specify what table you are reading from

public class Products:DynamicModel { 

    public Products():base("northwind", "products","productid") {}

However when performing an inner join you are reading from more than one table and I was wondering how I would get around this.

Any help appreciated.


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Just use Products.Query in that give join query. It will give all the property needed. Just go through , This link will help you out. Its from Rob Conery it self, who created massive.

Please let me know if you need more details over this.

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So it looks like you don't actually need the specify the table name. If you just leave it as an empty string like below the join works perfectly fine

public class Products:DynamicModel { 

public Products():base("northwind", "","productid") {}}
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