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I was wondering where the source code for old games like Sim Copter, Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper ends up. I see Settlers II on gog.com supporting Win7, including x64 which I find kind of odd.

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Probably in the vaults of the companies that originally developed them (or the ones that acquired the original developers). Settlers II is a DOS game isn't it? Shouldn't be too hard to make work on Win7 with by bundling an emulator like dosbox.

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A few ended up as open-source projects which provide ongoing updates. The Myth series is a good example of that. Bungie wrote two games in the series, then got bought by M$, then a third company bought the rights to the Myth series and made a third game, and ended up releasing the source code to them to fans, who still develop new updates. Look up Project Magma if interested.

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