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I have a chart.
And I allow Drill up and Drill down option.
I have a filter that it effect my chart.

When I want to view tabular data with setting my parameter , I dont see which I want.Its just show data items like dont effect paramater.It s dont filter problem.

When I run report and click markers on the chart , drill down works and look true but when the value promt change everythings look normal but the conditional style is wrong. I think and belive the main problem is drill down option.

( for example : I have two columns. region and topregion. If I look view tabular data without setting parameter , the result is :

region         topregion
--------      ------------
a                     X
b                     X
c                     X

And when I look view tabular data with setting parameter(topregion = ?p1?)--p1:a

region         topregion
--------         ------------
a                     X
b                     X
c                     X

but you know it dont like that. I want to see it like this :

region      topregion
--------       ------------
k                      a
l                       a
m                     a

but it dont.

How can i fix this?



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Sounds like you need a calculated column. If the value of p1 is empty, you pass the orginal top region. If it is not, you replace with a the region you have selected.

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