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I need some suggestions in choosing a html5 canvas framework for my project The project aims at developing a visualization application based on some data and using generative art.

Can someone provide some pointers to a mature framework. Some of the essential requirements I am looking for are as follows

  1. Scenegraph based model with multiple layers.
  2. Standard ZUI (Zoom able user interface ) features like , pan, zoom, move , rotate, scale , translate , position etc.
  3. Animation , both frame based and object based (should be able to pick a object in the scenegraph and animate from one point to another like the PPT animation paths).
  4. Apart from mouse , keyboard and touch , should support programmatic events based on custom events/timers etc (required for generative art based rendering)
  5. Should support desktop browsers as well as phones.

I have come across many great frameworks like

  • Paper.js
  • Kinetic.js
  • Fabric.js
  • Easel.js

All of them support the first and the second requirement ( at least partially ) but not sure about the others.

Please suggest a mature framework.

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See 2d canvas libraries comparison table —… – kangax Nov 25 '13 at 10:58

After some more research and posting this question on the mailing lists of the above mentioned frameworks, I have finally decided on Paper.js

Paper.js looks very impressive and the code style looks neat compared to others.

Although I was also impressed by Kinetic.js but for now it is under wraps.

Easel.js is also very promising but since it is still in alpha will keep tracking it .

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