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i need some help with my script. I want to find in my xml file some element with the same name as an html list class. Than i want to compare them and do something... This is my code. Thx for help from the mountain.

var class_main_content = $('.main_content ul').find(this.class);
if((class_main_content) == $(xml).find(class_main_content).text()){
        var name = $(this).find("name").text();
        var image = $(this).find("image").text();
        var level = $(this).find("level").text();
        $("#rounded_items").append('<li id="'+ level +'"><img src="'+ image +'" class="image"/><span>'+ name +'</span></li>')

my xml:

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2 Answers 2

you have to iterate though the xml ,you can get help from this question

Jquery - iterate through all xml tags

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ok, maybe this way will be better

        var class_main_content = $('.main_content ul').find(this.class);
        var xml_element_name = $(xml).find(class_main_content).text();
        if ((class_main_content) == xml_element_name){
            $('.main_content ul').remove();

can anybody help?

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