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When I'm writing down a few notes in org-mode :

note 1
note 2
note 3

And then want to make 'note 2' a TODO item, I need to turn it into a headline, as such :

note 1
* TODO note 2
note 3

But now, 'note 3' belongs to the 'note 2' headline. The only solution I know is to turn the other notes into headlines as well.

* note 1
* TODO note 2
* note 3

But that's tedious.

I've tried

# TODO note 2

But that doesn't work either.

How to get todo-keyworded items without actually changing the outline ?

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You probably want to check inline tasks. (require 'org-inlinetask) then `org-inlinetask-insert-task' to insert an inline task. –  bzg Jul 30 '12 at 9:54
It also seemed to me tedious first, but making each note is a headline is the way to go, because then you can easily add more info to individual notes. Alt+Enter and Alt+arrows make it quite simple to create a headline quickly when necessary. –  Tom Jul 30 '12 at 10:52
Thank you both! @bzg: Sounds good. Unfortunately I'm a total emacs noob, so I haven't been able to follow your steps. I tried M-x (require 'org-inlinetask) but emacs answered [No match] –  user1323995 Jul 30 '12 at 14:43
@Tom: Thanks. I knew about Alt+arrows but not about Alt+Enter Very helpful! –  user1323995 Jul 30 '12 at 14:45
@user1323995: (require 'org-inlinetask) sounds like something that would need to be placed in your .emacs file. (Alternatively, to just test it out, put that line in a scratch buffer, place your cursor after it and type M-x e to evaluate it). Then you should be able to run the command org-inlinetask-insert-task –  emacsomancer Jul 30 '12 at 15:37

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Your question seems to be here in the Worg FAQ.

As BeSlayed mentionned, you need to put (require 'org-inlinetask) in your ~/.emacs file (don't forget M-x eval-buffer the first time) (or you can do M-x load-library RET org-inlinetask, also…).

Then, an inline task is a heading with >15 stars, as described here, and you can use C-c C-x t to insert them.

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