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I have a web application and I want to make an Android version, so user can access the application via web (browser) or via android. My web application i build using Spring, Struts, Hibernate and I've create rest service using jax-rs. But i confuse how to authenticate and authorizing android request. I mean, example when user from android accessing rest service XYZ, i confuse how to check if android user has login and has authorizing to access the function in my rest service. User account and user authorize function i store on database. And i confuse how to save user log when user accessing application via android. i confuse how to get current user so i can create log on my web application. How can i solve this,

Thanks in advance

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if you want to some low level security than just set one header in request

for Ex. Requested_With : Android and check using @HeaderParam in your Java code and verify if header found which is set by you than go ahead.

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