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i'm trying to achieve paginated list of records from database, with conditions given in url.

for example: if url is like: ?name=Michael&age=20 it should display all Michaels with age 20 etc.

But if url is like &age=20, it should display all people with age 20 and ignore the "name" parameter.

I'm paginating 2 lists on 1 page, both come from same model, only vary by position, so i've got 2 paginations defined in my controller:

@boss = Person.paginate(:page => params[:boss_page], :conditions => "position = 1")
@manager = Person.paginate(:page => params[:manager_page], :conditons => "position = 2")

How to now add conditions from URL only if param is present in it?

I was trying this way:

conditions = []
conditions << [ "age = ?", params[:age] ] if params[:age].present?

but it gives me error when I pass param in URL:

undefined method `%' for ["age = ? ", "1"]:Array

The next question is how to merge conditions from this array with condition "position = 1"?

UPDATE: I understand how to do pagination with conditions, I just don't get what is best idea to specify conditions based on GET parameters. I could always do it like this:

if params[:age].present?
@boss = version with age conditons
else if params[:age].present? and params[:name].present?
@boss = version with age and name
else if params[:name].preset?
@boss = version with name only

but I believe that in rails it can be done simpler.

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For this problem [this link help you.][1] [1]: stackoverflow.com/questions/10867977/… –  Ganesh Kunwar Jul 30 '12 at 9:17
I updated the question –  mickula Jul 30 '12 at 9:40

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First option: you can glue the conditions based on passed parameters manually, building custom named scopes that'll add a where if the passed parameter isn't empty (example from one old project):

# custom scope in model
# call in controller by Model.email_contains(params[:email])
def self.email_contains(searched_email)
    all # scoped
    where(:email => searched_email)

Second option, just use ransack (or its predecessor, meta_search): https://github.com/ernie/ransack

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@boss = Person.where(:position => 1).paginate(:page => params[:boss_page])
@manager = Post.where(:position => 2).paginate(:page => params[:manager_page])
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I know how to do this simple condition. I need a way to add params from url based on their presence. –  mickula Jul 30 '12 at 9:40
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Finally I did it in another, simpler for me way:

@p = Person.scoped
@p = @p.where(:age => params[:age]) if params[:age].present?
@p = @p.where(:name => params[:name]) if params[:name].present?

@boss = @p.paginate(:page => params[:boss_page], :conditions => "position = 1")
@manager = @p.paginate(:page => params[:manager_page], :conditons => "position = 2")

And it works like a charm.

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Tomasz' answer is the right thing to do here - and will result in much cleaner code –  lukaszkorecki Jul 25 '13 at 9:16

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