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I have a main directory on a server with a sub-directory called upload, in which I have a collection of pictures. I want to show all the picture names in the upload directory. I'm using the following code:

                foreach(glob("".DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR."upload".DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR."*.{jpg,gif,png}", GLOB_BRACE) as $filename)
                    echo $filename.'<br/>';

And there is no result (white screen). However, when using it for the current directory or the upper (with ../) it works correctly. I made sure it is not a permissions problem and that there are files in the upload directory but still the problem persists. Can somebody help me out of it? Thanks in advance!

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Remove the first DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR from the pattern. This is assuming that you are in the main directory.

foreach(glob("upload".DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR."*.{jpg,gif,png}", GLOB_BRACE) as $filename)
    echo $filename.'<br/>';
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I feel like a retard. Thanks for the quick answer! – user1507558 Jul 30 '12 at 9:27

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